Sant Francesc

Last resting place of the most illustrious families

This Cistercian church built in the Gothic style in the second half of the 14th century once formed part of the now vanished Franciscan convent. It contains a single nave flanked by seven side chapels with ribbed vault ceilings. It gave its name to the gate in the city wall beside which it was located. The church’s proximity to the palaces of the nobility who accompanied Jaume I in the conquest of the city made it the last resting place of choice for the city’s most illustrious families such as the Borgias.

The main nave has pointed arches and a wooden gable ceiling, while the lateral naves have ribbed vault ceilings and internal buttresses. The wall opposite the main entrance sports an altarpiece by Valentín Montoliu, called La virgen de la leche. Morella-Aragon school.

One of the Gothic tracery windows that appeared embedded in the walls of the renovated 18th century church.


No. 10, Porta de Sant Francesc


Sant Francesc Church