Plaça de la Trinitat square

Heart of the mediaeval city

One of the most emblematic sites in the historic centre, the Plaça de la Trinitat square is surrounded by spectacular buildings such as the Alarcón Palace, an 18th century mansion, and the 14th century Trinitat Convent. Running into the square is the Montcada street, where the nobility built their palaces. Some of these still preserve their stone doorways, coats of arms and tiled, wrought iron balconies.


Trinitat Convent

All that has survived of this 13th century convent and its church is the16th century doorway. Built in flamboyant Gothic style, it was formerly golden and polychrome. The building currently houses the important Municipal historical archive, whose modern structure complies with the latest standards in document conservation.

Gothic fountain

The Font de la Trinitat fountain presides over the square, and is one of the few Gothic fountains still remaining in Spain. It dates back to the last third of the 15th century, and the originally polychrome octagonal basin shows the city’s coats of arms and those of the Kingdom in alternation.


Plaça de la Trinitat square
Montcada Street, the nobility of Xativa