Download the Xàtiva Turismo APP for free. The fastest and most intuitive guide to visiting the city.


We present the most common doubts regarding the installation and operation of the Xàtiva Turismo APP.

Have a phone with Android operating system, version 4.0 or later and a space available at least 98.2 MB. Or with IOS system, starting with version 8.0, with an available space of at least 136 MB. In both cases, with internet connection.

Each time the Xàtiva Turismo APP is opened, a presentation video sequence is played. You can skip this video by clicking on the Xàtiva Turismo logo in the form of an X, bottom right of the screen.

In the top menu, an icon in the shape of an arrow pointing to the left can be found at all times, it takes you back to the previous page.

In the bottom menu, the icon most to the right is the settings icon. Enter settings and find the button to switch language.

Proximity notifications are activated when a city monument is near. They inform you on the distance that separates you from its location. They also work with points of interest in the Castle.

In the bottom menu, the icon most to the right is the settings icon. Go to settings and you will find the button to manage proximity notifications, as well as news.

If you activate the “receive news” button, you will receive information of general interest for Xàtiva visitors in your phone.

Clicking on the geolocation icon, in the lower menu in second position starting from the left. You can view the points of interest by theme or all together by selecting from the top menu. The next icon on the right gives access to an explanatory page of the selected points of interest, with the distance to which they are.

The APP offers complete audio explanations on the main monuments and points of interest of the Castle.

It is necessary to have the geolocation service activated. A data connection is also required for maps to function properly; this feature consumes very little data.